Clippers Trade For Green


The Los Angeles Clippers acquired Jeff Green Thursday just before the NBA’s trade deadline expired. The Green fit is definitely an upgrade from the length they added with Josh Smith earlier on in the season. Green is much more versatile on the offensive of end and gives them another scoring option from the wing.
The deal included the Memphis Grizzlies getting Lance Stephenson and a future first round draft pick. The draft pick is a lottery projected pick which is huge for Memphis as Green was a free agent this summer.
Doc Rivers was attending the funeral for Monty William’s wife, Ingram, and he told the front office staff to take the deal just before the service was starting ESPN reported. “I really didn’t know if the trade was done because I didn’t want to look at my phone,” Rivers said, via ESPN.
Green is happy for his new start, as he looks forward to being apart of a journey that may lead to the Clippers first NBA Finals. Green relayed the message to ESPN’s Britt McHenry via text about the trade, “Should be a great opportunity to win it all.”
The trade for Los Angeles puts them back in the talks of being championship contenders, as it allows them to be flexible against the Golden State Warriors. A Jeff Green and Draymond Green matchup would be very interesting to watch.


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