Social Media (Snapchat)


Snapchat is a instant messaging software that allows users to send texts, pictures, post videos, and receive videos that are no longer then 10 seconds. Once the video is gone, it is gone forever. They added a replay feature if you want to review what one of your friends have sent you, but you only get one-per-day and have to pay for more. It also allows users to post videos or pictures to their story which only stays up for 24 hours and is gone after that. It was created by Stanford students Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown. Snapchat now has 7 billion daily video views, amazing. Facebook offered to buy them for 3 billion, but they declined the offer.

What is Snapchat good for? 

  • —Keeping others aware of your daily adventures or lack thereof.
  • —Sending quick pictures that you may not want saved (People can still screenshot so be careful!).
  • —Checking if your significant other is sending more snaps to someone that isn’t YOU.
  • —Text Messaging
  • —Phone Calling
  • —Video Calling
  • —Unique photo/video filters to set you apart from the rest of your Snapchat competition.
  • —Keeping up to date with News from around the world.
  • —Sending money (like for special photos).
  • —There are no upstart journalists.
  • —No Snapchat natives with their own slant on the news.
  • —Can’t redirect users to the publishers site.
  • —Lacks metric-tracking capability.
  • —Created for selfies and videos, not news.

Snapchat in news business:

  • —Reach the younger audience.
  • —Show behind the scenes look.
  • —Get real one-on-one engagement.
  • —Easy to partner with influencers.
  • —Prove how cool you are.

Journalists using Snapchat: 

  • —Matt Dornic: CNN
  • —Melody Kramer: NPR (Nat’l Public Radio)

Why should media companies pay attention to Snapchat? 

  • —It’s fresh and new.
  • —Numbers: 100-200 Million.
  • —Younger demographic.
  • —Easily Understandable.
  • —Viral capabilities.

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