Social Media (Reddit)


Reddit is an entertainment, social news networking service, and news website where registered community members can submit blog posts or pictures. It is essentially an online bulletin board system for users interested in the same content. Users vote for which order they want content or posts to be ordered on their feed. The posts with the most content are viewed on the main page at the top. The different areas of interest are called “subreddits”. Subreddits include news, gaming, music, books, food, etc. It was founded by two University of Virginia roommates in 2005.

What is Reddit good and not good for?

Good for:

  • Sharing
  • Commenting
  • Engaging on the Internet

Not Good for:

  • General Browsing

How should journalists use Reddit?

  • NOT for self-promotion.
  • Can be used to engage audiences and find out what they are interested in.
  • Learn the Reddit “shorthand” (Ex: TIL= Today I Learned).
  • Get a feel for the site and do some research before you jump in to greater you chances of effectively reaching your target audience.


  • Basically, a subreddit is like a niche forum.
  • There are specific subreddit rules, moderators for each subreddit, and voting systems for links, self post, and comments that depend on the theme of the subreddits.
  • Each subreddit has a focus and effectively maintains that focus.
  • Anyone can create a subreddit for free and make it public or private.
  • Subreddits that post or receive at least 5 comments a day are considered “active”.

Ways journalists can use Reddit:

  • To stay ahead of the crowd (find new stories that someone else has not covered yet).
  • To gauge popular interests.
  • To engage users.
  • To identify niche sources.
  • To get feedback.

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