Building A Digital Audience


News and blogging content is not just for entertainment. It is published to inform or share information to its respected readers, and also for them to share to the next engaged reader. What is the purpose of the content if there isn’t at least one reader taking interest in every post the author writes. One person is okay, but of course you want more. The material is not just for the author’s eye, which is pointless.

There’s only one-way to be able to measure how successful your content is. You have to track and measure all analytics for each posting. How do you see if something is successful? You check everything out. The only way you know your bank account is growing is by checking and measuring if there is money being added to the account however you frequently want to add.

Content without goals are nothing. Do you want 1,000 views on this article? Do you want your audience online to increase by a certain percentage over a time period? Benchmarks need to be set in order to achieve success.

Web analytics software is the best way to track your content that is published. So many different types of this software are available for someone to use online at their own convenience. This software can help you track the most important elements that make your content popular. Key points like page views, visitors and unique visitors being compared, engagement and referrers, are all equally important to help measure your content.

The use of Search engine optimization and social media are also just as important. Social media allows you to share your content to your followers, but also each individual in the world. It probably has never happened that every single person in the world has seen the same webpage, but the possibility is there with social media. Google, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo are all search engines that readers use on a daily. Pushing your content to the top of search pages can also drive views to your online work. If it is searchable, it is findable. So make your content easy to find, and you will have readers in no time.



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