We Are All Web Workers Now


The world of digital journalism is in its early stages. Although it has been around for some time, it is just reaching the beginning of its potential. With the growth of new technology, the new digital world will be a huge success. Everyone is on their phone now, their computer, or their tablet. The Internet is a powerful source for knowledge. You can learn pretty much anything over the World Wide Web.

Mark Briggs, author of Journalism Next, explains to us the power of the Internet in the first chapter titled “We Are All Web Workers Now”. Journalists have to be well rounded. You have to be able to do print and online work. The Internet allows us to connect with one another easily and regularly. The Internet provides us with the power to reach individuals all over the world with the click of a simple button.

Briggs goes on to get you hip to digital information terminology. I am glad he did this because I did not know how bytes and bits work. One byte contains eight consecutive bits. Large Internet files are slower to download, and with knowing the types of measurements will be able to help the average person recognize the size of downloads to their computer. He mentions some file transfer sites, but he forgot to mention one that I use and think is very successful, Dropbox. Dropbox is a wonderful tool to use to transfer huge files and it allows the user to download right to their computer or laptop. It is as simple as sharing a folder with that user, and you can also attach multiple users to the folders to allow them to have access.


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