Telling Stories With Video


Printed stories and videos are like books with a movie, the visual is most likely better. Videos can add more to the experience. In chapter seven, “Telling Stories With Video”, Mark Briggs explains the story about a one-legged boy playing baseball with kids who did not have disabilities. This video showed Charles Bertram executing excellent video storytelling. This video went viral, but if Bertram would have just stuck to doing still shots like he had began to do, the story wouldn’t have had as much success. That is just like reading about a spectacular basketball play, but you couldn’t see it. The story would not serve any purpose without the video.

The use of video does give journalism a sense of versatility. Briggs mentions that the quality for videos can fluctuate. In print, the quality of writing doesn’t really vary like video. A crappy article just isn’t tolerated in the market, but a poor quality video can be game changing. Poor quality videos in some cases beat the advertisement that had over a million-dollar budget. That is why you see people with barely any videography experience getting tons of exposure. The use of Vine also shows the flexibility in quality of videos. Film dreamers are gaining millions of followers off of a six-second video.

I love where Briggs talks about proper interviewing etiquette. That moment in a conversation with someone, and all they’re doing every time you speak is say “Uh-huh”, “I see”, and “Really?” are really annoying. It’s not okay when just conversing with an individual, so do not do it during an interview. Potentially doing this can mess up the sound bite for the clip.


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