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The digital world was an amazing addition to the world of journalism. Many companies are adopting the direction it is going in and strictly using the web, and a little focus on print. Major news reporting corporations like The Huffington Post, New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN all have made the switch to the digital community. Unfortunately, CNN has been the leader in digital news ever since its launch in late 1995. CNN is the number one desktop website, but it also holds highest number for traffic on its mobile app or site.


Global Journalist hosted a special episode with Meredith Artley, editor in chief of CNN Digital. Ms. Artley touched on the subjects of the impact of social media on news, competing with startups, and the future of digital journalism. In her first answer she goes on to talk about the exponential growth in technology over time since she has started, it has grown tremendously. Majority of individuals spend most of their time on their phone or laptop/tablet. The multiple channels in the digital world are what make it difficult she summarizes. Artley said, “I think it’s all about choosing the right channels to display your content.” Selection is key because each decision you make could focus on a different targeted audience in each segment.


Like most innovative companies, CNN loves the challenge from startup competitors. Buzzfeed is a huge competitor towards CNN Digital. Meredith makes it known that they are watching them and know how they are maneuvering as a competitor. CNN holds an edge with a 24-hour new cycle. I love that she doesn’t take any offense towards this question and goes on to explain that they are watching all competition so they can continue to stay ahead in the digital era.


The newsroom is changing. The reader or viewer is more integrated in the process organizations take to content curating. Great services start with the worry of customers, and that is how you build loyal patrons. CNN caters to their readers and that is a reason they are very successful.

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