Blogging and Microblogging


Every journalist should have some type of blogging or micro blogging account. Chapter two in Mark Briggs book is about blogging and micro blogging. Passing on information through these channels is very beneficial. Amazing accounts can attract readers and viewers from all over the world. Word of mouth is excellent for blogs, because someone could read your post and share the link with someone. After that someone reads it they could pass it on. Just by someone tweeting the link with a hash tag on Twitter allows it to be seen by everyone searching that hash tag.

The concept of micro blogging was a very curious one I must say. I never really looked at Twitter as a micro blogging tool, or anything in a micro blogging tool for that matter. The comparison of it as an instant messaging journal was cool to me. It is very true. Short Twitter posts are almost like instant messaging, just in a different platform. AOL instant messaging was just a screen between you and one person, but Twitter is more public than so private. Many of Tweeters can see your conversations with one person. I agree with the point of view Briggs has on why micro blogging is important.

The attention span in the digital age for individuals is very short. Long, cluttering information normally gets looked over. A lot of individuals do not even watch the news anymore, just because it is easier to follow that organizations Twitter account and read their tweets throughout the day. Almost every tweet includes a link to the story on their website to allow you to get more on stories of interest. It also allows the consumer to be selective and not feel forced on certain information.

Briggs section on how to create a blog was very helpful. He explains how each blog has a title, a good short description/catchphrase, and a mission statement. I have a blog of my own and do not have all three components prepared for the readers of my blog. I know adding this will make my blog just a little bit more effective. He goes on to say blog at least once a day. It is hard to do with school and work, but I know I need to do it every single day.

Imagine all the readers for your blog coming to your page every day and checking for new content, but you don’t have new content for a few days. That will begin to annoy your readers and lose interest. That person reading will not have a reason to come back to your blog the next day. They should always look forward to the next post. Photography usage on a blog is major key. No one wants to visually see anything without pictures; if they did they would want all of your posts in a book. Photos, screenshots, and videos will help your blog tremendously.

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